Relaxtion and Mudbrick Restaurant

We went into the small little main town yesterday and met up with Louise’s mom, who had done some washing for us. She lives on Waiheke Island and was more than happy to help. We had been pretty stinky for a couple days, wearing clothes that smelled like sulphur and were just dirty from our road trip. The little town is very cute with home made craft stores and some surf shops here and there. We ate lunch at a cafe there which was very nice. We ate some delicious tuna sandwiches and the boys got shakes while I got an iced coffee with ice cream. Yum!

Afterwards we went back to Delamore and lounged by the pool while the boys recorded some videos. We had wonderful hor dourves and drinks before dinner at Delamore, and then took a taxi to Mudbrick, which is a restaurant and vineyard on the island. We got there right around sunset and you could see all the way to the sky tower in Auckland. It was absolutely breathtaking. I am so lucky to be able to be here with people I love.

Dinner was excellent. We had a couple bottles of wine and some exquisite cheeses. The girls chose to have the fresh fish of the day and the boys had filet mignon, and we had some tasty dessert afterwards as well. Our taxi was late picking us up, and because our reservation was the last slot of the day the restaurant had closed while we were still waiting to get picked up. Needless to say, we waited outside and had a wonderful time looking at the stars, finding a beautiful bright green moth and singing songs, until our taxi finally came and picked us up.

Today, Wednesday the 12th, was spent reading books and lounging by the pool. We started off having a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruit a yogurt, and also pancakes and bacon. Josh and Matt did some more work today and Louise and I just spent the whole say relaxing and enjoying the sun. Tomorrow we’re checking out of this wonderful slice of paradise, and heading over to Auckland to spend a couple hours before our flight leaves in the evening. I honestly don’t think I’ve had this much fun on a vacation ever in my life, and although I can’t wait to get home to visit our doggies and kitties again, part of me wishes I could stay here on the island, in New Zealand forever.

Thanks to Josh and Louise Bartlett for taking the time (almost three weeks!) to show us around New Zealand and spend time with us. We truly enjoyed our New Years vacation in New Zealand with you both, and hope to do it all again soon! Perhaps we’ll be back in November for the Rugby World Cup! Until next time. 🙂


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