Update about the blog

So Josh told me that people couldn’t post comments on this blog. That kind of defeated the purpose for this whole thing. So I’ve spent about an hour trying to get the comments feature to work and I think I finally got it. I know I know… I’m a nerd. I’m in Ireland and I’m working on getting a blog going.

Anyway… Alana and I are checked in to our hotel. We were so jet-lagged we had to take about a 3 hour nap. I think we’re pretty much good to go for a bit now. The time difference is weird to adjust to. Especially since it doesn’t get dark until about 9:30. It’s about 7:20pm right now and it’s still as bright as noon outside right now. It’s a little weird.

Alright. We’re going to go find some food and some Guinness.

More pictures coming soon! 🙂



We made it to our hotel in Ireland

After a loooong delay at the Phildelphia Airport due to mechanical problems with the plane, we made it to Ireland! Customs was a breeze, picking up our bags took a bit of time, and then walking out to the curb and not remembering to look right before you look left before crossing the street was weird! Then we had to figure out how to transfer buses to get closest to our hotel…we probably got the wrong stop, (and the first person I asked for directions happened to be a girl from Sacramento, CA, hah!) but it didn’t take too long to arrive at The Fitzwilliam hotel Dublin, right across from the famous St. Stephen’s Green.

We were greeted by a very friendly bellhop, and checked in by a nice concierge. So right now we’re chillin’ by the cozy fire in the hotel lobby waiting for our room to be ready. (Check in is at 2:00pm, right now it’s 1:12pm…that would be 5:13am Pacific Time). We didn’t sleep too much on the plane, I feel like I only got maybe three hours or so, and Matt probably got less, but the time went by quickly.  So we’re just checking in, and have a good morning friends and family!! 😉

Our New Travel Blog

I just created this new travel blog while sitting in the airport waiting for our plane to Dublin. Alana and I will post pictures and stories along the way in here.

I’m pretty new to Tumblr. Hopefully this is a good medium to share this. All of my posts in here should automatically be shared on Facebook.

Dublin here we come 🙂