Rugby and Mt. Maunganui

Today we had pizza for breakfast. And not just ANY pizza….it was dessert pizza! Banana, chocolate sauce and berries, all on top of pizza dough. YUM! It was actually left over from the previous night, when Matt and Josh went to pick up some pizza at Hell’s Pizza, which is a NZ only pizza chain. They have really cool pizza boxes with scary pictures on them, and 7 Deadly Sins themed pizza pies. So we ate our pizza last night while watching Seven, which was really appropriate considering the movie is about a serial killer who kills people who violate the seven deadly sins. A terrific movie, but we found it was not the best movie to watch while eating. Matt snapped this picture at Hell’s Pizza of a scary Christmas tree they still had up.

After we finished eating our delicious pizza for breakfast, we went down to watch a “7’s” Rugby tournament. Louise explained the rules of the game to us and we sort of kind of got it. It looked really fun to play, but it also looked really rough. The following are just some cool shots I took on my rebel.

Afterward we headed over to Mt. Maunganui where there were tons of tourists. It is an extinct volcano on the very end of the peninsula where Josh and Louise live. We had some very good NZ ice cream, which promptly melted all over our hands and arms as soon as we left the ice cream shop. We walked around the Mt. which took about a half hour or so. It was a gorgeous day, and there was a ton of people on the beach there playing soccer (football) and there was also the Miss Mt. Maunganui contest going on.

We went and had an early dinner at Bluebiyou Restaurant right on the beach by Josh and Louise’s house. Matt and Josh had lamb and Louise and I had the seafood platter, aka Mountain of Seafood! Matt was dared to eat a mussel, which he hated, but it won him $10. We had great dessert also; Matt had a chocolate teardrop, Josh had a rum raisin something, and Louise and I had banana cheesecake.

After dinner we went home and are now going to watch Wolf Creek. We are also nerds. The End.

Tomorrow we begin our road trip around the north island with our first stop being White Island, an active volcano!


6 thoughts on “Rugby and Mt. Maunganui

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